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Chapter 01-Installation

Last modified on August 14 2014 19:28:54 UTC by teo

Step one:
Download the latest version from our releases/ directory.
Step two:
THINK! You need to setup HTTP authentication here for the sys/admin directory, so make sure you are ready to configure your server and/or add the necessary .htaccess files to accomplish such. The code here also uses PHP CURL extensions, so make sure that works if you need to install a PHP plugin or whatever.
Step three:
Extract the archive contents into wherever you want on your server. If you wanted it at, then extract the whole directory tCMS as it is. If it is to be in the toplevel, just extract the contents of tCMS/ to there directly.
Step four:
Configure! You now should have a working tCMS installation. Take a look in sys/admin to see the main config files you need to be monkeying with. Do whatever edits you need to do to the CSS, etc. to make it your own. Comment out any thing you want to disable as a feature.
Step five:
Completion! You are now done. Have fun with it!

Please note if upgrading from an older version that I've changed where some configs are between 1.0 and 1.1.1. See changelog for details and install on a test server first if possible to avoid potential problems.