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Appendix 01-TODO

Last modified on April 12 2015 18:57:40 UTC by teo

Major Features:
 *Change format of stored linklog/blog/wiki articles to be JSON so that you can store metadata with this stuff more easily, which is handy if you want to preserve some file attributes when moving servers, etc. MICROBLOG IS DONE
 * Create Override CSS for print and screen views, editable on /sys/admin's settings screen. Add reset CSS for future proofing as well.

Minor Improvements:
 *Make iconsets doable for fileman by specifying the image files in the CSS (make them buttonized anchors or something)
 *Blog - add posted by email link. Add original creation date as well to file instead of only mod.
 *MicroBlog - make configurable to where you can change amount of days back to display on a page or max items on a page.
 *Fileshare bug rodeo to search for potential exploits, also get GPL imageset for it too.

 *Commentary link (subject line: your kickass article) OR a form for generating email if they have a mailserver. Make it auto-encrypt if possible - implement this on as proof of concept.
 *Wiki - inline editor that's sectionally based (think microblog for how to do this) would be nice
* Add more functionality to fileman where possible, reconsider current layout (make responsive).
* Add more classes/IDs where it makes sense to elements so that our CSS/JS savvy users can easily futzle their layouts without having to manually add selectors.
* Write backend futzler API to accept sanitized input from various sites that have a 'SHARE THIS' kind of functionality. Mostly going to start with TTRSS integration, since we use TTRSS a lot.
* Limit number of blog posts loaded on blog editor page to be somewhere around 50, allowing link to older posts.
* ADD BETTER SEARCHABILITY TO POSTS, in both news posts and blog posts, especially in the blog editor (help you find stuff you wanna edit easier).
* Implement user tagging for blog, user creation in some way other than manually via config file edits.